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Unlock Connectivity: Transform RJ11 to RJ45 for Seamless Integration
Telephone Wall Port conversion to LAN port conversion

✔ Keep existing old telephone wire
✔ No hacking wall
✔ No need cable needed

- Convert existing RJ11 telephone wire to LAN port,
allow laptop / smart TV etc to connect
- Keep telephone cable sealed in the wall, 
convert both ends to LAN head

▶ Compatibility with different port types.
▶ Versatility in using existing cables.
▶ Cost-effective by reusing infrastructure.
▶ Flexibility in networking setups.
▶ Smooth migration support.
▶ Convenient without rewiring.
▶ Reduced downtime during network changes.
▶ Interoperability between devices.

* If the existing cable is damaged/broken, a new LAN is required,
price will quote on the spot after the inspection

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Telephone Port to LAN port conversion kit | Solution | RJ11 to RJ45 Internet Por

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