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[Support work with existing main stream CCTV]

Important to change to centralized backup instead of traditional HDD swapping for Bank's CCTV branches.

Ensures that all surveillance videos are stored in a secure and reliable location, making it easier to manage and access the data.

Backing up the surveillance videos regularly helps to prevent data loss in case of system failure or other disasters.

enable authorized personnel to easily access and retrieve surveillance videos, which can be critical for investigations and other purposes.

The use of a video management system that can search and retrieve videos based on various criteria can save time and improve the efficiency of investigations.

By implementing strict access controls, the risk of unauthorized access or tampering with surveillance videos can be minimized.

Regular security audits can help identify vulnerabilities in the surveillance video storage and backup systems, allowing them to be addressed before any security incidents occur.

Compliance with data privacy and security regulations is critical for protecting sensitive customer information and maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders.

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Bank CCTV Centralized Auto Backup Solution | High Efficiency & Reliable Data Pro

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